Couple of weeks ago, I was taking a walk through one of the busiest but fascinating streets in Podgorica MONTENEGRO – one of the Balkans States if not the smallest, after a short but promising commercial diplomatic meeting hosted by the Secretary of State Damir DAVIDOVIC and his business cabinet.

While walking across the iconic Millennium Bridge a.k.a Montenegrin Cyrillic just like one of the connecting bridges in Budapest, a cable-stayed bridge that stretches the Morača River in Podgorica, I suddenly realized that the city has a beautiful landscape beautified by mountains. I later got to know that the name Montenegro itself means ‘Black Mountain’ which was derived from the dark forest that covers the land. Indeed, she is a beauty to behold by all lovers of nature with its glamour.

That being said however, the 650,000 population economy of a GDP of 4.173 billion USD (2016) according to the World Bank has an open economy hoping to join the European Union by 2020. The nation`s economy is also emphatically vulnerable to foreign challenges, due to the fact that it majorly depends on capital inflows from abroad to galvanize its growth.

As a service-based economy, with less attention on its industrial capacities which are majorly on agricultural processing, consumer goods as well steel and aluminum production, the tourism industry takes an upper hand. It is on record that tourism has become the highest income earner for the nation, so much that this sector has attracted foreign investments from some countries in both hospitality and tourism based sectors. This is the sector that cut my attention and as a result started working towards connecting the country with potential African investments and countries.

If all goes as planned, there shall be a health and tourism summit in Podgorica later in the year where the tourism services industries of the Balkans States shall all come together to meet the rest of the world and especially African health and tourism sectors for potential business and investment opportunities. As a member of CEEWABA, Montenegro Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism shall be opened to meet West African Businessmen as well as those from other places for investment relationships.

For me, so far, looking at the promising sides that lie in relating with the readiness of the Montenegrin in exploring the huge African market with what they have, and the trust they have invested in me as their business tour guide to the unknown parts of my beloved continent, its indeed has been a romantic commercial diplomatic tie. The romance just began. To explore the various business and investment opportunities in Montenegro, kindly get in touch.