It is with great pleasure that I welcome us all to this exploratory Summit of the Central Eastern European and West African Business Association –CEEWABA. The association is a not-for-profit inter-regional professional business association with primary objectives of bridging the existing gaps between the two regions using informative and educative approaches in bringing home its goals. Such approach is the reason for our gathering today.

I called this summit explorative in the sense that being a pioneering business association connecting both regions together, there are a lot of strange promising territories to cover. That being the case, no one can specifically decide the outcome of such ventures. However, since adventure is a human nature, it is worthwhile to take time as potential investors and businessmen having access to this platform to discover the practicable possibilities in terms of trading and investing together.

The 19 countries geographical region of West Africa countries according to, is a formidable markets for the technologies and range of investments of the Central Eastern European manufacturers and companies. Vice versa. Having the appropriate and consistent channels, business and trade transactions can easily be ensured and carried out. Hence, the various information, education and networking that this summit shall be offering will certainly be of tremendous assistance.

This pioneering gathering has three major objectives which are:

·      To bring the concern professional business players in the regions together so as to be able to brainstorm and conclude on how the vision and objectives of the association can be actualized.

·      To connect potential investors and traders who are hoping to explore the two markets together and see what and what are achievable.

·      To inform the world of the potential mission, objectives and goals of CEEWABA.

The summit is going to be sectioned into three:

The Talk Section. This is an educative section. This will consist of four speakers two from both regions who will be briefly addressing the potential opportunities in the areas of trade and investments in both regions. Each speaker will be speaking for twenty-five minutes cutting across their experiences and technical know-how in the regions.

The Forum Section. This is more of informative section. Using available references, selected speakers will be educating the audience of the existing advantages and otherwise that are connected with doing businesses inter-regionally.

The B2B Section. This is a network part of the summit where potential individuals and companies can discover each other and using the knowledge that must have been acquired in the previous sections and the readiness to venture into the markets can meet each other and establish trade and working relationships.

Please try and relax and get the best that shall be offered today. Thank you.