CEEWABA`s Business Academia Networks is the association`s department that looks into trades and investments researches, information and update as they apply to Africa and the Central Eastern European regions.

Headed by Prof. HORWITCH, the department shall be instrumental to potential private and public traders and investors as well as institutions that will be looking into establishing possible investments and seeking for academic references. Since information is a vital tool in the world of international business, this initiative among other advantages aims at narrowing the existing academic gaps as well as trade and investments know-how between the regions.

Prof. HORWITCH, who is as well a member of the Board of Directors of the association shall be working with the team of experts in the sector to promote and encourage academically sound and business know-how which certainly will boost more trades and investments involvement in the regions concerned.

For further partnership and collaboration details on this scheme, kindly get in touch with the management of the association @ www.ceewaba.org